Smart Cities of the Future

Smart Cities initiatives caught the public eye with last year’s federal transportation department contest for over $50M in awards for the winning city. Many cities that didn’t win the contest are committed to making their cities “smart” – Why are cities pursuing smart initiatives? What’s in it for cities? What’s in it for citizens and businesses? Where do cities begin? When will it happen here? Key players in this segment will discuss trends as it applies to smart buildings, smart homes, energy management, & wireless networking with case studies of implementations and the outlook for the future.

Moderator: Jeff Evans, Director, GTRI Information & Communications Lab at GA Tech


  • Samir Saini, CIO, City of Atlanta
  • Debra Lam, Managing Director of Smart Cities & Inclusive Innovation, GTRI
  • Bill Versteeg, Executive Director & Chief Architect of machineQ, Comcast
  • Blake Patton, Managing Partner, Tech Square Ventures


Event Recap Video