Our Programs


Find, use, and visualize data from various City departments and sources in our Open Data Portal.

Internet of Things (IoT for Cities)

Learn about the City's network of connected devices and the technology used to make the City better.

Connectivity and Digital Inclusion

Learn how the City is broadening access to basic digital infrastructure for all residents and bridging the digital divide.

Smart Applications

Explore smart City applications that address security, economic development, housing, water, civic engagement, mobility, and waste.

Our Values

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Inclusion & Safety
A safe and welcoming city

To leverage technology to make Atlanta a safe and welcoming city.

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Service Excellence
World-class employees, infrastructure, and services

To modernize City technology systems to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and empower employees to improve services.

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An ethical, transparent, and fiscally responsible government

To create digital platforms to improve transparency, utilize open data to inform public dialog, policy making, and management decisions.

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Thriving neighborhoods, communities, and businesses

To ensure all residents, businesses, and organizations can participate in and benefit from the prosperity and culture of innovation in Atlanta.

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Residents who are equipped for success

To empower residents to actively engage in the governance of their city, and make the City more responsive to the complex and growing demands of our community in areas that need it the most